How our story began

The idea of the project, based on the historical division of the city, was born over five years ago when we took on the challenge to design a map for the splendid city of Florence from scratch.

The colours of the neighbourhoods correspond to the colours that were once used for the separation of the city of Florence. We wanted to create a guide that shows the finest way to spend one’s time in town and at the same time make people aware of the historical lay out of the city. This is how, step by step, our story began.

We explored the city in which a masterpiece is revealed around each corner and art practically floats through the air. In fact, when you’re in Florence just walking down the streets makes you feel like you are in an open air museum. It gives you the impression that time has stopped on purpose to give you the chance to sense the spirit and genius of great artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Astonished by this beauty, by the excellence of the Italian cuisine, traditions, gastronomic delights and also by the wide range of cultural activities, services and many other opportunities the city and its surroundings have to offer, we decided to launch a city map.

The purpose was to provide a practical guide that features all the wonderful things we’ve discovered in this area through the years in order to make it easier for people to find and enjoy them too. Unquestionably, it hasn’t been easy, but it has definitely been worth it.

Today, we’re happy to be able to take your vacation to the next level, to spice up your visit or to make living in Florence more enjoyable. Tuscany is of great importance to us and we feel honoured to be given the chance to help you understand why. Welcome to one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, the cradle of the Renaissance, the city where dreams come true and let’s write our story together.

to the neighbourhoods

Santa Maria Novella

Situated in the north-west of the city, this neighbourhood is characterized by the color red. It takes its name from Basilica Santa Maria Novella

San Giovanni

Situated in the north-east of the city, this neighbourhood is characterized by the color green. It takes its name from Batistero of St. John, one of the most ancient and important in Florence

Santa Croce

Situated in the south-east of the city, this neighbourhood is characterized by the color azure. It takes its name from the Basilicata Santa Croce..

Santo Spirito

Situated in the south-west of the city, this neighbourhood is characterized by the color violet (historically by the color white). It takes its name from the Basilicata of Santo Spirito.