Useful tips about getting around Florence

Everybody experiences a city differently and makes personal decisions about how to do it, which is good. As a matter of fact it is all about the choices we make, right?
Getting around a new city can be an amazing experience but can also cause you a lot of trouble, so be prepared. Moving around Florence might be stressful when you don’t know what transport to use, but we are here to help. On this page you will find useful tips about how to get around both in the city and outside of it.

Like every city there are specific regulations when it comes to its transport options but when you are updated everything is much more easier. Plan your trip ahead and everything will be ok. You never know what might happen on the road but let us help you have a wonderful stay in the city of Renaissance. You’d be surprised how many amazing places are there to see and enjoy.
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Are you ready for a ride?

c3 bus florence
Useful tips about using the public transport around Florence. Florence is relatively small city so you don’t need to stress about getting to know the public transport. Everything is at walking distance and all the city museums are easy to reach by a foot. Using a car around the historical […]

Around Florence by Bus