First of all we would like to thank all of our dear friends, co-workers, sponsors and partners who helped us and gave us the possibility to realize this beautiful and innovative project, based on the idea of improving the tourism and the way of living in the magnificent city of Florence. All of you helped us reach the level that we are now and for that we are really grateful. We sure cherish every little idea, every thought, every minute spent with us.
Our purpose has always been to help people explore the city more easily, to give them useful suggestion and to show them the way to entertain and enjoy their stay in Florence in the best way, no matter how long it is.
On the page of our blog, we want to give more information and details about everything that is going on around us in Florence. We want to meet the history of the city with its future. We want to reveal the hidden secrets and show people the amazing atmosphere and culture this town has in store for us.